Sustainability Through

Eco-Sound Products Improved Livelihoods Green Circular Economy |

Sustainability Through

Eco-Friendly Products Improved Livelihoods Green Circular Economy |

Livelihood Opportunities

The bamboo sector serves as a cornerstone in uplifting livelihoods and bolstering the economic prospects of local farmers while fortifying their adaptive capacities against climate change.


Sustainable Harvesting

In the realm of bamboo cultivation, sustainable harvesting practices are not just a choice but a necessity for the long-term health, productivity, and quality of bamboo clumps and poles.


Bamboo Value Addition

In the heart of Hoima, Kontiki Bamboo is pioneering a transformative approach to sustainable agro-industry through value-added bamboo processing.


Kontiki Bamboo

We are located in the Albertine Graben of the Western Rift Valley in western Uganda and producing high-quality bamboo products for environmentally conscious consumers.

We are sustainable and eco-friendly enterprise offering environmentally sound alternative products for the construction and hospitality industry, reducing dependence on non-bio gradable materials and contributing to a greener circular economy and more sustainable future.

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Events Updates


We shall be attending the European Bamboo Expo 2024
In Dortmund, Germany .

See You there.

Bamboo Highlights

Bamboo biochar stands out for its exceptional porosity, high carbon content, making it a highly sustainable and effective soil amendment with applications across agriculture, water filtration, and waste management.

Reviews & Comments

Below, you'll find feedback and comments from well-wishers, partners, visitors, and clients regarding Kontiki's commitment to fostering a circular economy and promoting sustainability through bamboo.

"We are pleased to see the positive impact of Kontiki Bamboo Works's initiatives in promoting environmental sustainability. The incorporation of bamboo into various aspects of daily life, from furniture to packaging, demonstrates the versatility and potential of this remarkable resource."

Dr. Barirega Akankwasah Executive Director
National Environment Management Authority

"Kontiki Bamboo Work's commitment to sustainable forestry practices and the promotion of bamboo as a valuable resource for economic development is commendable, "As stewards of Uganda's forests, NFA is pleased to collaborate with KBWL and support their endeavors. We are confident that this partnership will contribute significantly to our collective efforts in environmental conservation and sustainable livelihoods."

Dr. Eng. Christopher Ebal Chairman Board
National Forest Authority


Our Esteemed Partners are integral members of the community as we embark together on the journey towards bamboo sustainability.