About us

Kontiki Bamboo Works Ltd (KBWL) is part of Kontiki Uganda Ltd where the majority shareholders have set up a bamboo commercial growing and industrial value addition. The project is in Hoima district specifically in the central core of the Albertine graben area with a potentially worth USD 300,000 per year and capable of creating over 50,000 new jobs in the next 10 years. KBWL is a market driven initiative designed to function effectively in a rapidly evolving market place. Its success relies on being able to respond to opportunities and threats as they emerge.

Our objectives

KBWL’s objective is to sustainably add value addition to bamboo and reduce poverty scale by creating income and jobs in the sub region and the country at large through working with partners both at: 1) local level on expanding and intensifying bamboo production by small scale farmers to meet the demand of the processing industry, businesses and supply chain projects, and; 2) national and international levels on sector wide and strategic issues of importance to all engaged in the development of the bamboo sector.

Work will be across the areas of:

Businesses and Markets:

Create business of the bamboo at all levels starting with information dissemination, seedlings, planting, advise, buying bamboo from farmers and creating bamboo value addition, technology and management transfer, business services and information, international and domestic business facilitation, trade fairs;

Farmers and Resources

To support smallholders to produce bamboo efficiently and competitively in the market by training, field trials and agricultural development.

Value addition

To increase the value of raw bamboo at community level, upgraded bamboo chain proposes to establish primary processing center at local level. Sorting, grading, treatment and primary processing of bamboo can add much value to the raw bamboo thus ultimately benefiting the local community.

Tourism activities

Bamboo Forest ecotourism has broad market prospects and a strong development momentum. Bamboo plantations will be developed as sightseeing and leisure, tourist attraction for trekking, nature walk, camping and for biodiversity.


Kontiki Bamboo Works Ltd has an advisory board consisting of maximum 6 members. The members have expertise and specialized knowledge corresponding to the scale and importance of their duties. The Board members are elected by the directors and their term of office is 3 years and they are eligible for reappointments.

The advisory board meets 4 times a year and has the task to support and advise the office and the board of directors professionally. All the advisory board members are involved in bamboo growing promotion, skills, capacity building and marketing

The Bamboo Industry

Uganda now has a new 10-year National Bamboo Strategy and Action Plan 2019-2029.The strategy is in line with international obligations to which Uganda is a signatory, like the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, as well as with national policies and planning frameworks such as the Uganda Vision 2040, the Uganda Forestry Policy 2001, The National Forest plan 2012, the National Land Use Policy 2013 and the National Energy Policy 2002. This strategy will go a long way in redeeming the bamboo industry and restore forests and create jobs.


Kontiki Bamboo Works Ltd has an established bamboo nursery (production capacity of 100,000) of which it intends to plant seedling every year. Kontiki bamboo works has currently 300 areas of bamboo planted since October 2017) and continues to plant and will also involve contract farmers and communities starting with March 2021. Uganda is blessed with abundant forest reserve of the bamboo material in West Nile (Phaida, Moyo,Lamwo, Kitgum, Abim districts) of which we shall be able to buy from farmers and also get license to sustainably harvest the bamboo from the  National Forest Authority(NFA).

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